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Join us on a co-inquiry into the current spiritual renaissance. 


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Welcome to the Spiritual Renaissance. 

We are in a new age of healing. Today there is more awareness for the importance of integrating trauma, shadow work, and tapping into our intuitive guidance thanks to mystics and spiritual influencers like Thomas Hübl, Gabor Mate, and more, whom all acknowledge the spiritual influence in the healing work.


At Mystics Rising we are celebrating, witnessing, and building reverence for the coaches, therapists, and other professional healers reviving and infusing their modern-day practices with spirituality and ancient wisdom. 


As more people are guiding and supporting this inner work, we invite you to share in the inquiry, reinvention, revival, and experimentation of new healing modalities in an effort to build collective understanding of the spiritual renaissance.


Latest Podcast Episode:

EP 10: Dr. Anna Johnson | The Art of Nutritional Healing
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What we are seeing and supporting.

Normalizing Healing.

We are in an age where healing our unresolved ancestral trauma is becoming more and more important to liberating  consciousness and evolving humanity. Everyone has healing to do, that is apart of being human. At Mystics Rising we want to celebrate and normalize this part of humanity. How do we normalize healing? What would the world look like with everyone took responsibility for their healing?

Fusing ancient wisdom with modern healing practices.

More practitioners and healing professionals  are  infusing their healing work with ancient wisdom and spiritual practices with modern psychotherapy and coaching models. Even more, much of this ancient wisdom and universal principles are emerging through healing professionals as an embodied experience of their own healing journey. This wisdom is being called forth to help heal and advance many healing modalities.

Spiritual awakenings is apart of developmental evolution.

There are many contexts the term mysticism can be used in. One lens that offers clarity, is through the integral lens of adult development. There are many models that all point to the same thing, that unity and divine connection with the collective consciousness is apart of our evolution.  We often refer to the Stages Matrix created at Stages International, map for the "DNA of our consciousness."  

Mystical experiences are more "normal" than we think.   

"Nonordinary" or "altered" states of being are more ordinary than we think. We are still developing language around these concepts.  We all have access to altered states and many have found methods that help to catalyze the experience, through breathwork, meditation, psychedelics, vision quests, and more. Stan Grof refers to these as the Holotropic States of Consciousness, "meaning moving towards wholeness," and in vertical development, there is a stage consciousness evolution where mystical experiences really become an embodied way of being.  These mystical states help connect us to parts of ourselves and provide deep healing, and many practitioners, therapists, coaches, and healers are looking for more transpersonal experiences, to create holotropic states for deep healing. 

The mystic is committed to their inner path and embodiment of presence.

The rise of current mystic practices is rooted in the individuals deep commitment to their own inner work. Through this inner journey, we are liberating ourselves from our perceived persona or our ego and become more present to the moment. Healing requires deep presence to attune to the needs of our clients. 

Creating reverence for Spiritual Practitioners.

Spiritual practitioners deserve reverence for their commitment to healing themselves, and the work it takes to open to their true nature, and the courage to stand vulnerable in their naked essence in service of healing others. The path of liberating ourselves from our ancestral trauma, as well as the trauma of this life, is some of the most brutal and beautiful work.  Over the past centuries, as science has taken authority in our culture, and authority figures have dismissed and belittled the reverence for spirituality. Finally, we are at an age where science and mysticism are able to share the same truths and many mystical practices are using science to share new insights and build credibility. 





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