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Resources for parents to raise the next generation in wholeness.

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Dear Parents
and Aspiring Parents,


As a mom, it's hard for me to not relate the impact that my wholeness journey has had on my parenting or how my daughter continues to inspire me to go deeper. As you listen to the podcast, you'll notice how I weave this part of my experience in. 

On this page you'll find some of my favorite podcasts that impace parenting of parenting and feel supportive to this new age of parenting. 

Sending love,



Parenting Podcasts. 

The Mystics Rising Podcast is dedicated to exploring practices of wholeness. First of all,  any way that we build more connection, presence, embodiment with ourselves serves our children. Secondly, because I view parenting as spiritual pathway/awakening for our own development - we often discuss how these practices impact parenting and raising the next gen in wholeness. 

Episode 13 | Kassandra Angus: Initiating Young Women Into Maidenhood


Episode 12 | Ginger Kern: Mythic Feminine (embodying healthy feminine as a mother)


Episode  11 | Jenn Reilly Raising Wholeness


BONUS Episode with Sarah Hesketh on Conscious Parenting

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