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EP: # 01 Kim Barta | Shadow and Light: Advancing psychotherapy with shamanism and shadow work

Podcast Episode #01:

Kim Barta is an internationally-recognized multi-culturally informed psychotherapist, spiritual guide, author, workshop creator, and speaker. His work is grounded in an experiential practice blending his unique sophisticated healing with practical everyday usability. In this episode, we explore shadow work as a foundational element for helping professionals, and how his experience with shamanism has influenced his methods of healing and bringing deep transformation.

He has written and lectured on diverse topics such as: Shadow, Spiritual Development, Developmentally Informed Meditation, Developmental Psychology, Shadow and Health at Every Developmental Level, Healthy Power, Developmental Leadership, Organizational leadership, Power and Bliss, Grief, Parenting, Relationships, and Love, to name a few. He has developed several new forms of therapy including: The Evolution of Shadow Resolution, Psychosocial Cartography, Stages Developmentally Informed Psychotherapy, Shadow to Spirit, and more. Kim Co-founded Stages International, an organization focused on researching evolutionary consciousness. Kim is internationally respected as one of the worlds leading psychotherapists working effectively with people measured at the highest stages of consciousness.

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