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Modern Mystics | Thomas Hübl

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

So inspired by this interview on the Path of the Modern Mystic where Alex Howard interviews Thomas Hübl.


"An emergent knowing... a place when we live in a certain state of coherence, then there is an emergent knowing and it is like the future shows up in us. There is always a reference point to a knowing, that is transpersonal. And if a human being cultivates the appropriate inner environment. ...And we can establish a state of coherence in a human being that allows us to contact a super coherence that we tap into higher consciousness or higher intelligence that seems hidden when we are too fragmented and too busy and too constricted in ourselves it seems like it doesn't exist.

Establish and prepare the space for the blessing of the divine to land in us. It needs humility to bow down and also needs the alignment in our practice...."


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